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Friday, October 8, 2010

Month of the year


It's October already and feeling? Exciting, a little bit boring, anticipating, anxious and blah, blah and blah... lols!

Hmm, ok bukan apa but Oct is my buffday month and m really looking forward to it every year until my last breath aha!  I realized that day when I updating my personal info for Watson's VIP member, 31 years ago I was born on Friday and this year it will be Tuesday hehehe jatuh working days pula..and is dis a hint to my deary fiance...NO! I don't think so because I know he remembers! :)

This month also is a rosary month and m not sure berapa lama ody I didn't do this prayer but I hope I can make the time to recite this prayer.

Add on the above, m taking annual leave since Oct 1st and going back to work next Monday...boring sikit lah tu sebab banyak kerja menunggu sudah.  Other than dat, m still getting orders to bake cakes, watching  my fav drama series (the new season is up now), caught fever and sore throat (now my deary also sick, sorry dear), read my long-waited new book by Sophie Kinsella, playing my FB games, dreaming for vacay...

Ok, I think I gotta check on my cake now, macam masak sudah tu...have to cool it down before decorating started.

Sleep well people and till then me chow chow!


  1. Hi vera..happy bday..siok lah ko dpt cuti..saya pula teda cuti suda uhuhu..

  2. Hi stella, thanks moi...hmm...masih ada 60 days lagi se hehehe...happy weekends moi!