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Friday, August 27, 2010

TGIF, Christmas Theme, Fruit Cakes, Grey's Anatomy and blah blah blah...

TGIF!!! Huahuahua, the kindest day of the week!  The most waited day for me and my advice to those yang lunch hours at 11.30am, never take leave on this day unless u guys plan to take long days leave if not sayang owh!

Huh! 1 month passed and I didn't post anything, reasons: (a) busy with work (b) busy with my FB games; Baking Life, Pet Society, Night Club City and Scrabble (c) Baking cakes (d) Watching DVDs.  My time is occupied with these reasons hahaha!

Notice my blog's design? It's a Christmas theme.  Ya, I know we still have 4 months to go but just wanna have the feeling much earlier.  So, m gonna stick with this theme till end of this year.  Plus, I also welcome 'fruit cake' orders in advance hehehe and planning to do special packages of fruit cake for dis Christmas season.  Will post it as soonest.  The cake below is my 8th order for fruit cakes, I loike!

If you are in my FB friend's list, get to note on my information side stated ' I love Grey's Anatomy reruns'.  Well, I just not only like it but LOVE it very much till I watch and watch the reruns banyak kali during my leave days.  Love McDreamy so much ! Hehehe... Hmm there's another 4 discs to go before I completed all 6 season of this series.  Must squeeze the time lah ni...

Ok guys lunch time for me it's almost here, me and deary need to do some errands as we are going off to Tambunan, so have a nice and pleasant weekend!

Till then me chow chow!


  1. Time.to.take.better.picture :-D

  2. I never really caught on to Grey's Anatomy....hmmm

  3. Gallivanter: Nah, u missed 6 seasons already...m fine wif the story and now downloading season 7 lols