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Friday, January 7, 2011

Eat.Pray.Love. by Yours Truly

Note: I just finished watching this movie yesterday - late evening before I fell asleep till skipped my dinner.  Thanks to the 2 pills of antibiotic supplied by Klinik Luyang huh!  Yes, I've been sick again and sick leave for 2 days

Courtesy image from Internet and I love this poster!
Many of my friends had asked me to read the book first before watching the movie. And I heard, some part of the book banyak orang confuse especially the India part. Well, am not an avid and meticulous book reader thus all of my books are easy reading with big/medium font of wordings no small please lols! But, for this book, I can give excuse for myself and I want to buy it! 

I really love this movie, from the cinematography, the storyline (book is more thorough) and the cast.  My most enjoyable part is where Liz waited for her spaghetti and ate it with full of heart aha and she's in Italy!

Apart from that, I admire Liz's bravery to follow her heart and ready for a big change except the love part lah mula - mula tu.  And chances for me to follow her steps - 50% - unless am brave enough to let myself GO to look for balance of life plus this requires big amount of money owh!  Well, different people have their own way to live from day to day and even though am not fully satisfied with my life now, am still APPRECIATE it!

Bah, do enjoy, angry or cry on every moment of your life because we live only once!

P/S:  Yeay! We finalised the W-date ody! Woohooo! 


  1. My take is, we will only want to do like what Liz do because we feel something's lacking in our life. if we feel contented with what we are having now,chances are...we wouln't want to be out that long other than at the comfort of our own familiar surroundings. ^__^

  2. hi nice review on eat pray love...believe it or not, i bought the book maybe in 2009 (or 2008?) until now it's still covered with plastic! think i better go to the cinema..

  3. chegu carol: yeap, agree with you... whatever it is only you know what you want and how you feel :)
    linda: hehehe, se pun belum baca, tingu2 jak, tulah se tingu wayang dia dulu supaya nda confuse lols

  4. sya belum tingu ni..nanti mau tingu la..

  5. was here. Nice review. Nice blog

  6. owh..saya teda masa untuk enjoy2 sekarang..huhu macam dengki jg o...

  7. richard: thanks for visiting and comments! :)
    zezebel: bah, kasi relax2 dulu otot2 ko tu :)

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  9. "Well, different people have their own way to live from day to day and even though am not fully satisfied with my life now, am still APPRECIATE it!" <-- agree...whatever it is, it's up to us to live our own life....

  10. Vera, I don't like the movie - her character there is boring, dreaming and sighing saja.

    I think Julia depicts Liz character wrongly :-) In the book after you read it, you'll see that she is actually a very funny and bising / sibuk kind of person. There is something funny about that part where she's asked to be the assistant in India after she tried to be "Quiet", you don't get it in the movie - so that part makes not much sense.

    Julia is lovely and the scenery is gorgeous (Bali here I come!) but she didn't bring Liz to life. So READ the book :-P

  11. carol: oh ok, hmm, dat makes a lot of difference kan, ok will read the book and ya Bali is nice, bah nda lama lagi tu u guys punya trip, nice!