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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh! My Stiletto White Heel Shoes

Now me talking about my W-Day preparation, we only left 3 months before saying I DO and next month will be our wedding photo shoot.  Must be fun and tiring at the same time aha!

Anyways, I just bought this cute stiletto white heels for my photo shoot.  Dun ask me why I bought this heels, I just love it and am a big fan of SHOES! lol

Sneak peek of the stiletto and love the bling-bling and glitter thingy
Can't wait to wear them!  And, oh, for my wedding shoes, I haven't bought it yet, am looking for satin touch with crystal beads embellishments in pearl white color and one important thing; it must be comfy hehehe...Will do another shoes hunting soon!  


  1. love the white color..and I'm a white fan accesories

  2. Wow, I love this bling2 thingy!

    Don't forget to share with us your beautiful wedding photo.

  3. Wyne: Thanks moi...me oso love it! Ok buli bah :)

  4. I love love love your shoes! ^_^

  5. hi Jacq.. ;)
    wa..nda lama lagi ni ur big day:)

    bah, all the best to ur photoshoot nanti a, make sure u enjoy it, walau pun penat2,, tpi memang tak akan di lupa kan laitu.
    n dont forget to include your cute shoes in the photoshoot nanti hehe :)

  6. lovely shoes.... and congrats with the coming wed ya... take care... ^_^

  7. annie: thanks, nanti mau cari lagi for wedding :)
    nv: ok will do, buli bah, u take care ya!
    cath: ok thanks u too :)

  8. wah cantik juga..:) mine was ada satin too..hehhe

  9. stella: hehehe, buli but yg complete belum ada, masih kena process, yg ada di fb tu kami yg ambil sendiri lol
    fantastic ajane: thanks, yup, m searching for satin juga ni :)