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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Cake Story - BEN10 Cake


A colleague of mine has requested me 1 month earlier to bake cake for his son's birthday.  She wanted butter cake with butter cream frosting and it popped instantly the ideas on how I should decorate the cake. She has mentioned to me many times that her only son is a die-hard-fan of BEN10.  I remembered when we went to KL for exhibition, she rushed me to go and find a set of BEN10 attire for his son and we ended almost 3 hours just to find it at Sg Wang Plaza nasib baik jumpa ah!

I started bake dis cake last Thursday and decorated it the next early morning.  It took 2 hours plus for me to finished the decor and part yang paling susah bagi orang baru belajar ni is to write the wording use piping bag and the colored cream, have to write 45 degrees in order to get nicely wordings and me belum biasa but at least can see kan?

The birthday party was held at her parents in law's house and many people came and the cake pun tidak cukup dan cepat habis! Glad they liked it very much especially the birthday boy and commented sedap!!! hehehe...

Posted the pic in the Facebook and received lots of positive comments...thank you guys and will do it better next time :)

I will be going outstation from this Thursday till Sunday and apologize to those yang sent orders ya! Next week my schedule should be okay...

Ok, till then me chow chow!


  1. menyelera kan ba ni kek ko..lain kali sya cuba mo try order..hehehe...:)