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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Chee-zees

When I first start baking cakes, chilled chocolate cheese cake was my first trial. Depending on the online recipe and process, I was sure that this was an easy peasy cake plus you don't need an oven or steamer, chill mah - fridge only!

But, I was wrong. I got one ingredient and one process wrong. Instead of using whipping cream, I used topping cream and should have dissolved the gelatin properly but I was just less patience. In the end, after chilled the cake for overnight, my cheese cake was watery and only my base biscuit was perfect.

I stopped for a while before continuing to bake steamed cake and the final result was good and this motivates me more. And recently, I did bake baked chocolate cheese cake during CNY and it was a success for me :)  So, I decided to start bake chilled cheese cake again and this time I read more than three times to check on the ingredients and process LOL

Well, let see the cakes, shall we?

Ribena Cheese Cake; something different but deli!

Durian Cheese Cake 

Yeay! I managed to bake these cakes successfully and got compliments even more! And good news is, I got advance orders for the Ribena Cheese Cake hehehe

Definitely is a worth trying and looks like baking addiction is coming back again, well bring it on!


  1. jadi pun ni...sedap lgi tu...saya mmg x pandai buat kek or cheesecake ni..

  2. Woww..looks so delicious oh.. I tried to make 1 before too.. But fail.. Hihi.. Keep it up.. I miss bakin oh.

  3. Kelaparan saya oh tingu cakes ko, moi. Ngam-ngam yang malas bejalan pigi dapur lagi ni. Hehehe..

  4. Over: hehehe ya this time jadi

    CathJ: Thanks moi, can start back :)

    Annie: Can ask hubby to buy for you moi