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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flowery Thursday by CK


Am so excited to receive a parcel from Pos Laju yesterday.  Been waiting for almost a month to receive this since it's a pre - order items ^_^

And lately, am so into online purchase and below are my recent hauls!

Aren't they lovely?
Cath Kidston Flowery Edition for my Iphone 4S casing!  Anything with flowers, are my fav and I purchased them thru my FB friend; Lydia, who happened to be my junior in UiTM before :)

Now, am eyeing more of this edition but now for my Ipad 3; yeyeye can't wait!


  1. Cute nie..Love it too... :-)

  2. cantik2 casing skrg ni kan...

  3. im fan of cath kidston o... beg ka wallet ka.. gift warper ka,.. cute design dia