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Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday blues and blows

It's Monday today and I am still have stacks of work to be completed. This includes updating my blog which I didn't manage to post any stories for the past 3 days. Busy and busy and busy. And I'll be off again for our first ever event; Borneo Bird Festival which will be held at Rainforest Discovery Centre, Sepilok, Sandakan from this friday till next friday.
Huh...surely I'll be missing a lot my deary and Tabby Baby.
And today, we have to do lots of 'ad hoc' work which is last minute and makes my mood swing a little bit dis...for sure when the event is getting nearer so many changes to be made.
BUT, despite all of these, I still know how to pamper myself. I bought my fave magazines; the Malaysian Women's Weekly and Female from Popular bookstore during lunch time.
See what page actually m eager to read and see... Hehehee...

It's 5.15pm now but I know m gonna stay back dis...till then me sign off now...


  1. hahaha...honestly, i dont actually read horoscopes.

    bah, post nti gmbar masa di sdkn ah :)

  2. hehehee...sometimes true also tu...but ada my friend said one of our local newspapers punya horoscope is recycle ni...ya, will post some pics later...

  3. the thing abt reading horoscopes (for me lah), esp when i read it early in the month or early in the morning (for daily horoscopes), i tend to think that is exactly gonna happen to me. unless of cos, after i read it, i will forget abt it totally lah. :)