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Friday, April 26, 2013

Let The Hunt Begin

Yeay TGIF!!!

How's your weekdays so far? Mine ok ok sajalah...

But, starting tomorrow my day quite pack.  In the morning, we have to friend my sister and the fiance to meet the hotel people for their wedding preparation and then we all have to go for registration and briefing for this Sunday's event.  You may ask what event am talking about?  Yeah, for the fifth time am enrolling myself to join the DBKK's Treasure Hunt... sounds familiar? :) 

Photo taken from DBKK's official website
Out of four times joining this event only once we ever won hahaha... It's ok lah after all we want to enjoy ourselves with the unexpected challenges especially and reading the tulips (one of the routines) yang selalu kasi jam tu otak mau cari jawapan LOL... Hopefully not this year tho!

Honestly speaking; we don't have any preparation but maybe we will go around town or 1B area to check out all the weird company names *hint hint hint*

Anyways, wish us luck and enjoy your weekends all ^_^


  1. eee... mcm siok! wanted to join all these while tp teda chance. huhuh... anyway, all da best!

  2. Mesti siok nie kan...Drg buat di 1B kah...?

  3. Goodluck! Sia pernah join organised by Rotary Club. First time join bengong juga mcm mana mo baca tulips. We were the 2nd last group arrived haha...