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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What is it about GREYS?

I must admit I am into reading recently. Been introduced to this trilogy books long time ago but I just started reading them since end of last month?

And everytime I wanna get the complete set of this book; they were always out of stock! Being persistent to get these books, finally I managed to buy them LOL!

So, I read and read and read...I must say these books are my first for erotic romance fiction! Another first! And of course I do LOVE the storyline. Even hubby also noted me and I always update him after I finished reading each book

Now, I finished reading all three books, I don't mind reading them again and become an instant fan and the movie to hit cinemas in summer 2013. Nah, I can't wait again LOL

So, currently addicted to the Greys; the Fifty Shades and Anatomy *grin*


  1. does reading these books send out erotic feeling too? *ehem*

  2. chegu carol: Terfikir juga lah how lah ni style ok kah? LOL! but so far am ok coz I go for the love story :)

  3. lama suda inda baca any novels..ah selalu layan perasaan sa sja ni