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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Official Wedding Planner

So, it was a successful engagement event held last Saturday.  Despite am not feeling well that day, I still managed to make sure everything's ok! 

Less talk, pictures time!

Gifts from my future BIL to my sister
Gifts from my sister to his fiancee
The engagement discussion was conducted in Kadazan language which I guess all the youngsters including myself didn't understand at all hah... This is because many of the guests from the guy side are mostly orang - orang veteran, so we as the tuan rumah welcomed them in a tradition way through language.  Something different from mine last time ^_^

The theme was red and silver , the couples and US :)
Overall, we love the venue, food, cakes (yes so deli!) and so on.  The restaurant staffs' also were very cooperative! (I like this!) 

To C & P, congrats once again! Like you said 'The first day of the rest of our lives' awww...

And yes, am the official wedding planner ^_^


  1. trus teringat c J.Lo.. wedding planner! ;p Congratulations to your sister and fiance.

  2. Congrats's to your sister and fiance.. Cute ooo.. the Red and White Cake tu...huhu

  3. Vera, you didnt understand kadazan at all? Sya boleh faham tapi mau ckp tidak berapa pandai lah haha..

  4. I saw coach poppy-flower haha! :D cute tu cake oh..congrats to your sis and her partner :)

  5. Just: Ya I love that movie :) thanks!

    Jue: Thanksez :)

    Stella: Iya memang x pandai cakap or dengar langsung lol, my mum Kadazan pun x pandai...cina melulu saja dia ckp :)

    Michie: I know... wangi kan and thanks :)

  6. wah siok tu jadai wedding planner. fun ni.. inda sama tu mengurus kawin sendiri dengan urus kawin orang lain

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