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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Advance Gift for Double Celebration

They're here! Yippeee!!!  And I LOVE them so much!

It was supposed to be a surprise gift for our double celebration in February, but, excited gets me so here they are posted in my blog today ^_^

His and Hers Zodiac Key Chains
These are not an ordinary key chains.  They are handmade and are made of clay.  Hop to my friend's blog HERE to discover more of her handmade works that will capture your heart.  She always has this extra ordinary art talent ever since we were in primary school.  Gin, u rawk babe! 

Another close up...  For hubby's one is Virgo and I specially requested to add fish-es.   His fave hobby ever! And I chose one of his feng shui colors; Green.  Hope you like and love it dear :*

Virgo Boy
And of course for yours truly hehehe... Since I love roses so much, hence, another request by me and I chose one of my feng shui colors; Gold

Libra Girl
In case you wonder what are our double celebration for next month; Valentine's Day and our three (3) years engagement anniversary.  Well, I just love to remember all our memorable dates

Cheers ya


  1. Huhu...Cute oo tu key chain..I loike...

  2. Hahaha. Sempat juga kau although need to attend meeting! I am so happy that you like the keychains. Hope your hubby will like his too ;)