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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Aloha Baking and Cakes

Yay, am back with my baking session.  Seriously, it so addicting!!! Kan Stella ... :)

And I was so tempted to try out this cake; Red Velvet with Cheese frosting and baking it for first time, it was a success! Plus, I got advance cake orders in March  ^_^

After browsing, studying and comparing based on 10 recipes, I finally opt for Joy of Baking recipe.  Click HERE to watch the video.  Awesome! 

All cakes are using steam method 
I steamed the cake instead of oven bake for 1 hour 30 minutes or until the skewer comes clean.  The second cake that I managed to bake is Choc Moist Cake.  I miss this cake, really and it turned out so moist and yums! And love the choc ganache too...

The urge of baking is so strong now hahaha and my next project will be cream puffs or eclairs or maybe pineapple tarts.  It's time to heat the oven again ^_^


  1. sedap nya... tahan liur saja la nmpk cake ko

  2. Seriously, mmg addicting bah Vera. Ko lah yg kasi jangkit sya ni ahaha :p

  3. Aduii punya sedap nampak..very moist o tu choc cake. oo lama betul pula klu steam kan tp nampak btul moist hehe...

  4. punya sadap tu kek vera...pass dulu satu slice utk sa..hehehe...

  5. next project choc moist cake laini! :)

  6. siok oo kamu baking.mcm pro sdh.sy pun mo belajar baking sdh ni.joined in!