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Friday, January 25, 2013

Princess Bex's Onde Onde Recipe

Hey all,

Due to lotsa FB inbox messages I received yesterday asking for this recipe, I jot down below the process and it might be different or similar to what you've heard or seen ^_^

a. 350 gm glutinous flour (Tepung Pulut)
b. 2 blocks of Palm Sugar (Gula Melaka).  Chop it like cube dice style. If you don't have Palm Sugar, can substitute with brown sugar or sugar
c. 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
d. 1 drop of green color (optional)
e. 100 ml water or more/less
f. Fresh grated coconut 

a. In a pot, boil water.  Use 500 - 1000 ml of water.  
b. Combine flour, vanilla essence and green color.  Mix until it become dough.  Take a small dough like 20 cents shape, make it flat and insert the cube palm sugar or other kind sugar.  Shape it round.  This portion can make 15 to 20 pcs but depending your size of dough
c. Put all dough in the boiling water.  It will float and this means your dough is cooked.
d. Garnish it with grated coconut and your kuih will be ready!

It's so easy peasy rite!  Managed to make 10 pieces of big one and hubby ate 8 pieces of them.  Must be delicious enough hahaha... Happy trying! :)


  1. mesti sedap tu kan..smp hubby ko makan banyak..heheh

  2. I want to try this!!!! Thanks for the recipe vera!

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Nmpk mcm senang. A must try ni Vera :)

  4. my fav ni tau.. sa suka buat.. dari sa secondary school lagi mmg sa buat sndri ni kalau rasa mau makan.. senang kan mau buat?