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Monday, January 10, 2011

Auspicious Dates, here and there!

Note: Countdown to W-day

Courtesy image of platinum-wedding-ring.us
Last time, I ever asked my dad if he knows how to look for auspicious date for wedding ceremony and he replied:
'Err, not sure'

Then, last Saturday when my dad was getting ready to attend his supplier's daughter wedding, I finally told him that we are ready to walk the aisle this coming July, then he paused and answered:
'Why July, not August, September or October?'

I replied:
'Why? X bagus kah? We checked the date is a good one'

He explained that usually month of July is the Hungry Ghost Festival:
'July selalu orang cina sembahyang hari antu, yang durang bakar - bakar di tepi jalan tu'

I heard that terus kembang bulu tangan and decided to cancel the date lols!  No offense to those yang got married in July ah
My dad suddenly said: 'Bah, nanti daddy check sama orang tua ok kah tidak'

Nah, suddenly he realized he got contacts lah pula. Like other couples, we also trying to get a good date for our special day OK! and eventually that's the one but who wants to celebrate happiness when other people will be mourning and weeping for their loss kan?  We also want to respect our ancestors bah!!!

After looking and searching again, we finally decided to tie knot in August this year, what day you asked? Bah, nantilah dulu mau tanya orang tua dulu... :)  Hope this day will bring everlasting happiness to us!

Now, preparation is going on and like I posted before in my FB's status, so many things to be done but dunno which one to start :) but pray to GOD everything gonna be fine! 


  1. uikk.. mo tie knot pulak ko kan.. klu urg d kl, sure nda buat bln 8 sbb time puasa kan! Hahahaha...

  2. But hungry ghost month for 2011 starts from Sunday, 31 July 2011 to Sunday, 28 August 2011, so bukan if do on August lagi worse..?

  3. Just: yeap and oh yah kan, pelupa sdh ni hehehe
    Caneeeliea: Hmm, actually m not sure which dates it starts ni but thanks for the info, I'll check again wif my dad and if ya, we change back to the date lols

  4. All the best in your wedding prep, moi!

  5. Congrats in advance and good luck in preparing your wedding...it's tiring preparing ur own wed but, trust me, you will cherish & appreciate all you had done later... ;p

  6. Salam kenal.
    Congratulations and all the best for your wedding. Orang tua kadang-kadang begitu la. tarikh pun penting tu bagi dorang.

  7. Moi, I married on July 12. Hungry Ghost festival is on August coz kalu calender cina, bulan August is baru July in Chinese Calender.

    How I know? Because I'm married to 100% cina from Malacca. Haha...

    So you goin to marry di Stella Maris Church kah?

  8. ms d33 b33: thanks darl,ya i can feel ody hehehe
    SBC admin: hi, thanks ya, tulah tu but everything's ok sdh
    Wyne: Yakah, alala se anak sina pun x tau huhuhu but thanks for the info, jadi baba nyonya lah anak ko ni...hmm...sacred heart ni :)