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Friday, January 25, 2013

Productive Holiday

I had a very productive holiday yesterday and I love it ^_^

Yesterday was all about cooking and homemade stuffs.  I always wanted to try new recipes of homemade stuffs but when I got home, I feel tired and restless.  Check out the homemade stuffs I managed to finish yesterday :)

Clockwise from left: Homemade Softener, Homemade Body Wash using Glycerin Soap with Pikake Flavor and Fresh Coconut Milk and Fresh Coconut Milk (stocks) for my Homemade Shampoo 

And now foodie time! Bought this Kam Heong Cereal Paste of Masfood brand and tried out yesterday.  The  dish WOW very nice but I didn't put the cereal in takut lain rasa lol!  For tea time, I made some local kuih; Onde Onde.  And for dinner, I cooked our fav dish; salted vege (ham choy) with pork.  Waaah... semua pun makanan sihat ^_^  While making the Onde Onde, I feel that my baking activity is being halted for a long time huhuhu... 

Oh well, will start it again soon and in my next post I will share the Onde Onde recipe ya!

Have a good weekend all!

P/S: All bottles shown in this blog are not actual product of the manufacturers but meant for storage purpose only


  1. Full utilizes your holiday oo kan..heheh

  2. Sa ingat soya bean hehe...
    Itu prawn bah kin telan air liur hehe...

  3. mcm c edith jg.. prawn jg yg sia terspot... hahahah

  4. Jue: Jarang2 dapat time begini kan :)
    Edith & Just: Hahaha... ya sedap owh tu prawn