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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


My dad told me that his company is giving them a new smartphone produced by their company.  That was 1 month ago and I thought it's was an Iphone but actually not! It's an Eclipse!

Eclipse by YTL Communications
Dad's company is venturing into a new field other than construction, hotels, transportation and electrical.  They are now into service provider. Enough of Celcom, DiGi and Maxis!  Say hi to YES; the first fastest 4G mobile internet with voice.  Hop to this link for better understanding

I heard they had launched this service last Saturday in Penampang but I didn't hear any promos about it.  So, speed up your promos marketers :) 

If theirs is better, I don't mind changing to YES coz now everything must be fast and updated :)

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  1. i See. I tought YES is one of Celcom's broadband product. Great to see 4G coverage expanding here in Sabah. But not many mobile devices are equipped with it yet.

    Hopefully my new iPad's 4G spcectrum can match YES'