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Sunday, September 9, 2012

RE: Movie vs Game

When I was at home bed rest for almost a week, hubby kept me entertained by playing the Resident Evil movies.  It's started from the RE to the After Life.  Coincidentally, the fifth sequel; Retribution is now playing in the cinema

I wasn't fond of RE movies except the games.  It was one of my fav games before.  I think I played up to Nemesis.  It was scary, bad dreamy and fun moment for me.  I still remember one part inside the bus suddenly one zombie came out from nowhere and wanted to bite me and terribly shocked I threw the joystick to the tv hahaha!  And my parents was there watching me played summore...huhuhu

And thanks to my cuzzy, who helped me to find the cheats especially for my infinity lives...nah, I shared my secret why I can finish the games safely :)  

I was here and Leon my geng! We are trying to find bullets I think
Another scary scene...
After watching the sequels of RE, I can't wait to watch the fifth one! Anyone of you already watched it? Mind to share?  And I just notice actually, the movie is not showing yet...perhaps later?


  1. I am a big fan of the game too, played from RE 1 to 5. It must have been freakin' scary when Nemesis suddenly showed up..*thud* *thud* *thud* STARRSSSS...!! :D

    The movie has its own style and own story, as it uses the main elements from the game. Anyway, the movie will be coming out on September 13 on GSC.

  2. Yes, the Nemesis game tu memang scary hehehe and ok thanks for the info :)