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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Water Box

Guppies, goldfish, snails and toy frog :)
This is hubby's silent project for the past 2 months.  He planned, designed and made the aquarium from scratch by himself including the table and lighting.  I feel amazed when I saw the final result even tho's without fishes inside.  He's the meticulous person I know...Virgo summore :)

This is the second aquarium in the house.  The first one is filled with the karuks and smaller in size.

But hey, I did contribute something like helping him catches guppies in longkang ok and we managed to catch 70 of them and some snails.  Now no more snails just guppies and newly bought ikan emas.  The snails ate all the live plants and dirtied the aquarium and I was right before about the snails or maybe I just don't like them LOL

Maintenance?  He takes berjam - jam cleaning the aquarium but it always calms him down and this is like his stress reliever! Good job dear :*


  1. It's like cleaning a car for some men.. Syukur la he got that hobby ver.. If tidakk.. Nah kau la yg membersih tu hihihi....

  2. ada jg my hubby bilang mau bili aquarium. tp i think better not. teda space dlm rmh. lgpun, kami jg yg kasi bersih tu bisuk2. hahahah..