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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Another Moment with Tabby

I am not really sure how dogs communicate to each other, I mean when they feel sad mostly. Ever since Tabby given birth to her six pups, there are only two pups who are really closed with her; Thor and Einstein.  The other four pups were given away to family and friends since we can't afford to have too much of them in the house.  So, only left two and now left one just Thor.  Einstein has passed away last month (RIP Einstein).  And three days back, we have decided to give away Thor to BIL's fiancee and the reason is still the same.  

When Tabby was put inside her cage since we have visitors came to our house, I saw her wandering around the cage area, maybe looking for Thor? Urm, maybe I think too much about this. My first thought was she misses Thor :(

So, I sat down and rubbed her belly area which she loves it very much ever since she was a puppy and she started to lick my face especially my glasses :)  Most importantly, she looks HAPPY!

Tabby & Mama :)
Sorry Tabby for letting go all your puppies and just remember we will always love you! 

Much love: papa and mama


  1. Dui bah... So cute.. Missing her babbies sudah.... :)

  2. kesian bah...mesti dia rindu anak dia tu kan... Cute lah your Taddy...