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Monday, September 17, 2012

Gempak Starz Road Tour

If you are a die hard fan of Lawak Kampus by Gempak comic then you should know the famous artist and writer; Keith. 

Hubby and I were at Popular Bookstore, Centre Point yesterday and I was looking for the novel of the most talked about Malay drama series nowadays; Adam dan Hawa.  But instead, we stumbled across 'Meet the Fan and Autograph Session' by the 3 famous artist and writer of the Gempak Starz. They are Keith, Jo and Zint.  I am not sure about Jo's and Zint's famous comic characters actually but the line was super long for Keith and Zint :) And I was one of them aha!

Some pictures during the session:

From upper left - clockwise: The artist/writer - Jo - Keith - Zint.  You just need to purchase book/s by them from the bookstore and get them to draw and sign personally for you and must queue up according to your fav artist/writer.  I did purchase two books by Keith :)

Keith asked me which characters he should draw for me and I said Vaness and Froggy and I forgot about Aditas lah pula.  From upper left - clockwise: Froggy & Vaness - the F.O.C book jackets and my newly purchased books

Last but not least, me and Keith, picture time.  The Lawak Kampus comic is super funny and enjoyable and never bored with the characters.  It comes in two languages; Malay and Chinese.  If you guys are wondering what comic I have been bragging since just now, please hop to this link for further information

Gotta finish my reading now :) 


  1. Too bad I didn't make it to 1Borneo that day. :/

  2. Stel: Harus tu hahaha
    Rungitom: Alah sayang and yes they went to 1B first then CP