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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Selective Taste Bud

When me and hubby going out for makan - makan, he always ask me where and what to eat.  This is because I am very particular when it comes to food and he doesn't. I blame my taste bud LOL but other food I can tolerate also bah...

And last night, my sister told me about this one eatery at Market 88 near Austral Park and asked me to try their Spring Mee. I am not sure whether you guys ever heard this coffee shop - Sandakan Kopitiam (SK).   So for today's lunch we headed to SK and the place was full. Luckily enough we were able to get seated shortly. 

Now, ordering time!  Hubby ordered Kon Lo Mian Pork Meat and as for me at first I wanted to order Soup Noodles but when the lady said this:

"Mi Sup kah?" 

Then, I changed my mind cos I don't really like soup noodles shop style ya except meehoon or kueh tiao so I ordered this:

This is Kon Lo Mian Mix; with fried pork slice, fish egg tau foo and wonton (with century egg and meat inside).  It is a fulfilling meal. The mian that they are using is called Spring Mee.  They also have Pan Mian and Ham Choi Fish Soup Mian apart from the above.  

Long weekend is here and this meal is perfect for breakfast or lunch!

See, not choosy at all just a bit :)


  1. Sa pnya bfast tadi pgi errr...lupa nama tpi lbh krg mcm tu gmbr cuma ada wonton which was not as rich as di atas + sayur taiwan, di Gathering restaurant di austral park. Inda pla sa nmpk tu SK. Nextime mo try sna lah. BTW, yg sa mkn tu pun ble tahan jga :)

  2. That is one of the best looking Kon Lo Mian I've ever seen my whole life. Cantik! Hahaaa. Ngam-ngam lagi tima dekat tengah malam ba sia tinguk ni makanan. Bebunyi suda perut ni. Adui. Minum susu kasang la dulu.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Edith: oh ada kami limpas tu shop bah next time se pi try sana :)
    Arm: lol, bah one day if come back pi cuba k