Homemaker @ Wisteria Lane

Monday, September 24, 2012

Busy Bee & Happy Feeling

Maybe it's too early to say but am very happy to hear this good news! So, my sister and her boyfie are planning to get engaged (she smsed me this morning).  It's gonna be in this Dec or Jan next year and then getting hitched by next year.  Excited me cos been asked to become their planner for both engagement and wedding partay!  Just need to spare some time to assist her :)

Checklist done and more to come...


  1. Wah, nice! Klu mo photographer inform2 la aa hehe

  2. stel, sempat lg ko aa.. hahah.. Vera, cpt ko buat checklist aa.. hehehe..

  3. Stel: Buli bah :)
    Just: hahaha yabah ada save template dulu2