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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Working Wife Found Her Helper

Selamat Hari Raya and happy holidays all!!!  

Well, I started my Raya holidays since last Friday.  Stayed back at office till 7.00pm to finish all pending works, went out for dinner and bought one great deal of cooker! So, you may ask what type of cooker?  It is a Thermal Wonder Cooker by La Gourmet :)  Actually, it was introduced by my SIL Caneeliea, hop to her blog and read an interesting facts about this cooker.  

Ok, apart from staying late at office for work, I also did some recipes printing for me to try and cook using this cooker.  Other than rice, soup and pasta, you can also cook cake/dessert inside this thermal cooker!  Nice kan? So, my first experiment was Chocolate Cake.  The result? Yummy!!! But, I forgot to take photo of the cake and the portion was so little and might have to double up the ingredients next time.  It took seven hours to cook after I steamed the cake for 35 minutes.

I also bought one for my mum since they are now into soupy meals and enthusiastically explained to her how this thing works lol!  My second recipe for this week is Pork Peanut Soup, hubby's fav meals.  So, I cooked 15 minutes on the stove and let it rest for 8 hours and the result?  Clear soup, tender meat, the taste is just right and hubby loves it very very very much!

 Upper center: Thermal Wonder Cooker 2.5L
Left side: Pork Peanut Soup
Right side: Chocolate Cake 
It's worth buying and a great helper; save your gas, electricity and most importantly your energy and I will be happy when I reached home the dinner is served!


  1. I wonder if slow cooker and thermal cooker are the same thing? I love my thermal cooker, cooking ox tail is now is as easy as ABC.

  2. i am not sure if I use it correctly but anything tht I cook also turn out raw and bad.... :(