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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Take Me Away

Take me away, a secret place
A sweet escape, take me away
Take me away, to better days
Take me away, a hiding place

Oooh, I love this song by Natasha Bedingfield, a catchy song right? 

And I really need a sweet escape now!!!  Been working non stop since last Friday!  Ever since our new French MD joining us semua pun ada rombakan.  Of course, the big bosses feel the heat first then pass to us, so everyone is panicky, nervous and scared.  Do I feel scare? Yes, I do but at this moment I just go with the flow :)  Still talking about work, for the past 2 weeks, my colleague really gives me a headache.  If you are in my Twitter friend's list, you know how upset I am thru my posted statuses but it's ok I've let it go!

I suddenly remember something today.  It was our one week honeymoon trip to Hong Kong and Shen Zhen. Yes, it was one year ago.  How I wish this moment coming back to me again lol! Hmmm...there's always another time provided enough cash, approved leave, right timing and good flight deal.  

I am waiting bebeh!!!  And now Fringe time :)

I wanna go holiday!!

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