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Monday, July 23, 2012

One year and counting

One year ago, on this day, at this time, I was super duper nervous, walked in the aisle with my parents to the altar, to say 'I do' then become a wife.  Now, today, we are celebrating our first 365 days as a man and wife, yeay!!!

Will be going out for a nice dinner tonite to celebrate...and I baked a special cake for us; Steamed Fruit Cake with Cream Cheese topping... Why I choose to bake this cake instead of my fav choc cake?  Because I like the flavors in the mixed fruit...sweet and sour and colorful...which actually represent our life...

And we suppose to cut and eat the cake today but I guess both of us were hungry and tia sabar sabar, so we ate the cake yesterday lol!

Fruity Truity :)
And to my husband... please don't stop doing the Piranha 3D poster...because I love it very much and your version is so much better than the original one... xoxoxo!!!

Happy Monday peeps! (Yeay, am on leave and still need to email reports huhuhu)


  1. happy anniversary to u n ur hubby. more to come ;D

  2. Happy Anniversary Vera. May God bless both of u!

  3. Happy first anniversary to both hubby and you, Vera!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both! Your husband was my brother's ex-classmate back in Kudat kalau tidak silap saya. Si Charlie King bah, kan? :D

    Also..wahhhhh that steamed fruit cake looks yummy! Mau cari resepi laini! :D