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Friday, July 13, 2012

Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M)

I still remember when my BIL asked us whether KR1M has been opened yet in KK?

But, we have no idea.  And recently, I saw one of my FB friends posted pictures of this shop. In today's newspaper also has a bit of the launching story of KR1M.  Apparently, there are 7 stores around Sabah and for KK area you can go to Inanam (next to Wisma BTC).

So, I dragged hubby to go and check the shop after work today :)

KR1M; the rainbow image here not really clear, pantulan jer
I wasn't very pleased to see the parking space.  What you see in the above image is the parking area with cement ground.  We have to park the other side of road cos limited space.  Since, it stated that KR1M's products are 30% cheaper than the other brands, they should know better on the allocation of parking.

Anyways, when we reached the entrance of the shop, we were greeted by the staff and passed us some brochures.  The shop is very neat, clean and spacious.  All their products has a 1Malaysia white sticker but not to forget there are also other leading brands on the shelves.  

Ok hubby is so happy posing here :)

Honestly speaking, there are some products cheaper and some of them not.  I bought 3 items from here.  Ok, let me share some of the product that I think is cheap k :)

a.  Beras Super Special 1Malaysia (10kg) - RM 23.90
b.  Tisu Muka (4 boxes) - RM 3.90 (seriously, this is way cheap hahaha)
c.  Flour (1kg) - RM 1.45
d.  Detergent (2liter) - RM 8.20
e.  Softener (2liter) - RM 5.20 and so on

They also sell in bulk and you can find this at the very back area.  Average crowd visiting this shop just now.  I think I would recommend this shop for those yang tinggal dekat - dekat this area, I mean lebih berbaloi.  Plus, the products selection are not that many yet and just wondering why they want to arrange other brand together with their products?  Is it to show theirs are more cheap? And I think they should stick on all 1Malaysia products' after all it KR1M mah! To know more, do visit this shop :)


  1. Belum cukup forum kali bah tu.. Itulah terpaksa tambah2 guna brand lain... :p

  2. Belum pernah lg msk KR1M ni..

  3. Tried to go there today, but sesat :P And I still don't know where it is.

  4. suda sa p sana ok juga harga dia ni sa rasa...