Homemaker @ Wisteria Lane

Monday, July 2, 2012

Baking & Chocolates

I was thinking what will happen if I stopped from baking just for a while, maybe half year or so on? Then, I can concentrate on new hobby but nay even my plants also dead and I am totally not a green fingers person :)

Still, I can't get off my mind from baking. Truly, it really makes me calm even tho the aftermath is really troublesome and hola dry skin yikes! Eating the cake is not the first important thing but to see the final result and satisfaction after baking yeay!

So, here is my Steamed Choc Moist. I was kinda upset with the Choc Ganache coz it did not appear like what I want! I am using Cooking Chocolate Compound brand; oily texture and a bit sweet luckily my cake is less sweet. I think in future better stick with choc powder, heavy cream and butter :)

And as a Chocolate lover, this cake will be forever in our list!

La Gente Feliz Lunes :)