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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Si Bo Bo

Nope and no Wordless Wednesday for me today since am so excited to show Si Bo Bo ni

Me and hubby went back for dinner at my parent's house last Monday and met Bo Bo for the first time

This cute and tiny puppy is my sister lil baby. Everyone at home thought that she might bark when seeing us but no at all :) Bo Bo ran to me and started mau main main and then mau gigit gigit and so kecik her teeth but tajam oh. My dad said she didn't bark cos she knows that we also have Tabby and she can smell that, hmmm that's my dad :)

Well, here are her pixies:
Me wanna food :)

Punya banyak bulu dia and hardly see her bright eyes and yes her nose also cute! Hubby said to me that looks like I started to love Bo Bo and he is so true LOL!

Posing for mummy Vera :)
 On top of that, he said in future we can adopt this breed to friend Tabby! Nices and I definitely can't wait!


  1. Cute! Mcm mau dukung pastu sayang2 dia hehe...

  2. Alalaaa cute juga ko punya Bo Bo ni! Kirim salam kiss kiss dari saya bilang sama dia aa Vera.. Hehe!

  3. So cute... am blogwalking actually... mind visiting me and probably follow me??? tq and see u...