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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sundayz Cooking

It's been another great Sunday for both of us coz we've done cooking just now. Am not sure why suddenly hubby got excited to cook today and his reference sepa lagi if not Jamie Oliver , the naked chef :)

So, after breakie, we went to buy all the needed ingredients at Merdeka Supermarket. Macaroni, cheese, minced pork, tomato sauce/puree, olive oil, eggs, butter, parsley and veggies and not to forget my chocoholic dessert!

After one hour plus preparation plus cooking and baking, here's the outcome;
First time baking the chocos brownie, I missed out the ice cream and today the brownie is complete with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream, yum! Not to forget hubby's first trial on the macaroni minced pork and the mini pies of strawberry and orange marmalade filling, nyaman! :)

Great day spending time with the love one and hope uols have a great day too!

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  1. I wish I can bake too! Tingu sadap-sadap bah buli kena bake ni.. Sayangnya saya teda bakat itu. Bakat makan adalah hehe..