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Monday, February 7, 2011

How I celebrate my C.N.Y?

How time flies!!! Now, my C.N.Y holidays ended...hmmph!!! Plus this year, I didn't take extended leave because I wanna save up for something good :)  So, here I am at office, working or mybe not lol!.  According to my dear friend Wyne  (thru Chinese horoscope) tomorrow is the best day to start working or open business, which is true, so guys, chillax!

Ok, here's some story borry about my C.N.Y celebration with my family.  As we all know, first day of C.N.Y, sweeping floor, throwing rubbish and cleaning house are forbidden.  So, the dad and the children excluded the chef (my mum) working very extra hard to clean the house on the C.N.Y's eve hehehe...  It took 4 hours to finish everything and then we helped the chef...preparing time!!!  
Before start dinner, appertiser dulu
Foodie time, all cooked by our mum :) except the Bulla Yogurt Ice Cream 98% Fat Free super fruity yummy!

See the pix above? I did it myself, after been given tutorial by dearest.  Wah, I am so excited to do my next pix/project touch up using Adobe Photoshop and this stage am still a newbie but will learn slowly with lotsa practice wooohooo!

Back to C.N.Y story, after dinner, ang pow presentation lor... 
Next year, will be my turn :)
Then, we played cards kuah merah and yours truly won the game by collected untung RM 15.00 jer :)  The next day, we celebrated our first day of C.N.Y with no water, main pipe burst out and the whole housing area affected.  And there was no sign or sound of lion dance till the 3rd day!!!   

So, how's your day?  Enjoying yourselves? Got lotsa angpow?


  1. sia pun menang kua mirah! hehehehe... angpow dr boss and company.. so far so good.. :D

  2. Just: wah, bestnyer, kami teda pun dpt angpow huhuhu

  3. every open house kami pigi, suma ada invite lion dance. yg power2 punya lagi tu like yick nam...untung kami ni thn. :)

  4. chegu carol: hmm, nice owh...mybe our area semua luki2 ni org kaya cina dia lol...i never seen yick nam punya lion dance, from the way u sed memang power lah drg tu kan...

  5. makanan juga la sya suka tingu hehehe

  6. stella: hehehe se pun ni, yg makanan numbur 5 sebelah kanan tu, se masak hehehe

  7. itu red packet bah yg attract my attention.... lama sdh x dpt kan itulah...

  8. ms d33 b33: yabah, bah, now u yg kasi kan? :)