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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Technical oh Technical

Wow, it's been a week since I started my new job. Seriously, I still do not know whether I like or not this job. I find my new job interesting. Yeap and am involving and exposing myself to technical and engineering world. It is a good opportunity eh? Despite of learning something new, I tershut down sekejap yesterday when meeting my first client and I was speechless. LOL!

I was in the middle of explaining something practical when this KDM boss/client suddenly asked me questions about technical things nonchalantly and you know what happened next? I couldn't answer lor. On the way back to the office, my boss told me that he do not expect me to learn a lot of this techs but focus more on the tech proposals which involve writing and ideas. Plus, they will assist me next time when doing sales call.

BUT, how am I supposed to write a proposal without knowing a bit of techs world? And, if I have to go ALONE for the sales call? Wuaaahhh! Nope, I will not let myself to be in this situation again. So, I will study all the techs thingy starting now hehehe

I think changing job is really troublesome especially when it is a different field where you have to start from the scratch. But, once you've mastered it, your boat will sail smoothly with fewer problems :)


  1. ko keja bahagian engineering ka vera. which company?

  2. Wah don't worry, just go with the flow.Chayo!

  3. Biasalah tu klau first time kan :) All the best kio!

  4. Stella: Am working with elevator and escalator company now :)

    Cherrie: Thanks dear :)

    Edith: Yabah, susahhh hehehe

  5. walaupun sa handle purchasing ja..but yeah mau tau juga technical ni..pening kapla ni mau fahm apa barang durang mau..pipe la fittings la..valve la..dui..paning.but u know what? aha google is my best friend..


  6. Good luck with the new job.. :)

  7. HI...Ya lah..once kita sdh tukar job baru and different field..So kita kena start dari mula lah kan..same with me..huhu