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Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Blues

Yes.  It is a Monday blues for me.  When I reached office today, I am sensing that there will be less work for me. I mean, since my boss is at HQ office in KL now, so it's automatically less work unless an ad hoc matters.  Well said, I just received an email from him to do some research work and Wednesday is the dateline! 

The weather outside is so unpredictable; one time hot and then gloomy but until now still  mendung - mendung.  I hope no heavy rain and hubby also went for his outstation work.  So, tonight dine with my Tabby only :)  Back to office story, only W and I are in the office, nothing much of talking but I guess she's also doing her personal thing, kan boss not around, don't care lah as long as we know our limit and not overdoing it :)

When we had a small chit chat and tea break in our pantry this morning, we were non stop talking about the scenery seen from our window.  It looks like an autumn season with the daun - daun layu dan berguguran, uiseh sasterawati ody this.  I mean this kind of thing also can drag us till 30 minutes LOL, talking about many things including how the DBKK people will clean it hohoho

Please ignore the drain :)
Anyways, the next fourteen days will be our less stress week, again my boss is not around and it's actually a good pace for us to keep slow and steady when doing our work.  Plus, when checking my to-do list just now, I realize I have lotsa work haven't completed yet, aiyaaa betul - betul Monday blues!

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  1. Monday bah tu... Siapa nda kenal..hihihi....