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Friday, March 2, 2012

Reruns - TV Series, Addicted

How do I live if I didn't watch them at least a day in a week? LOL, this is the statement I told my hubby when I didn't manage to watch my fav drama series - Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.  Yeap, mind you am a BIG FAN of these two series.  And for all info; both dramas are up to Season Eighth already!

I can watch them from Season One till the latest episodes and there are some episodes that I can recall the scripts, aiseh trip trip like the pelakon aha!  I remember before I got married, I used to watch them back at my parent's home till 2.00 am and there was my dad kept asking me' what with these doctors - doctors?'  And I know if I replied him definitely he couldn't understand my excitement towards these series 

Luckily, my other half understands this and sometimes even ask me whether I wanna watch the series, YIPEEE! 

Hmmm, now I can't wait to watch every new episode and the story lines become more and more interesting. Wonder when these two drama series will be adapted into movie, calling Shonda Rhimes and Marc Cherry :)

So, what's your fav drama series? I know Lizee also likes Desperate Housewives hehehe.  Oh well, it's just a simple kind of entertainment after all, so I don't mind spending my weekend with them 

Till then have a nice weekend uols!

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  1. Kalau saya drama korea yg sya suka hehe.. Weekdays saya watch 'My one and only' pukul 7.25pm. And on weekends saya watch 'Ojakyo family' pukul 7pm. Both at KBSW channel on astro.. ;) So everyday sya tgk Korean Drama.

    Just like your hubby, finally my hubby understands me. Dulu masa masi couple, dia tdk suka tgk Korean Drama. Sekali sudah kawin, nah dia pula terjangkit tingu korean drama. Dia pun ikut tgk..LOL

  2. Stella: was an addict for Korean drama but now teda sdh hehehe

    CathJ: Yipeee! :)