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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Instant Hobby

I always admire my MIL's energy in taking care of her garden and her flowers and plants are growing healthy as ever.  Whenever, my PIL going back to Tambunan, she always remind me and hubby to water her garden.  But, sometimes we do forget and lucky us if it's raining :)

I never like gardening actually, once I have the urge to plant vegetables but then it stopped without any reason. Till now, my packet of vege seeds and vases are dumped in our room.  And recently, I wanted to buy nice potted flower plant to decor our toilet.  So today, I dragged hubby to see the nursery shop near my office and look for nice flower.  At first, I wanna buy the mini trumpet lilac flower but half of the flowers are yellowish, macam mau mati sdh ni, then I was looking this particular flower and YES she's the one!
Named her Crissie and she's one of the Chrysanthemum family members
And what I love about Crissie (according to the saleslady), this is the maximum height for her to grow :) 
Then, I told hubby that I want to start again my gardening activity and the first project will be my two (2) kinds of vegetable; Choi Sum and Bak Choy and also taking care of my new flower hehehe

Hopefully, I can pursue with this instant hobby of mine cos the first time I didn't make it worked but now it's coming back again, wish me luck!


  1. kalau beli dis kind of bunga kan,mati lagi ada la...sayang saja kalau saya yg beli...abis bukan tangan gardener kali..kdg2 lupa siram la...

  2. never really enjoy gardening.. nyway, gud luck to u.. :)

  3. oh hello Chrissie..cantik nama dia. Best of luck with gardening!

  4. Great... Wishing you luck... :).. Kasih blog ah.. :)