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Friday, January 6, 2012

YES Friend NO Friend

I remember during my high school days, I have a lot of Chinese friends and the friendship with them remains till now. We communicate via FB, Twitter also seeing each other in town.

And yesterday I met one of my friends at Kedai Kopi Ria, Damai when having breakfast with hubby. I think I saw Beaty but I was afraid I got the wrong girl hehehe and next time again I will say hello! :)

Ok, about this friend, I ever saw her and her hubby at coffee shop near my previous office last year. At school, she is known for her friendly gesture and a tegur orang punya lah. The first time we met, I looked at her and wanted to say Hi but she ignored me and I thought because our table distance was quite far so am fine it. But, yesterday it happened again, she's just with her old action. Interesting facts here are; she looked at me then looked away and did it for 4 times, our table was just next to each other and previously she did comment and 'like' my FB status/post.

I say WTF! I will delete her from my FB and Twitter accounts. Maybe during school days, I wanted her to be one of my friends but now I don't need her at all. I rather lose one friend who doesn't appreciate her friend. Sad but true and she's stuck with bad attitude.

 Now am judging her and I still hurt.


  1. Sadly, ada org mcm ni kan. I discovered juga org mcm ni, but i ignore ja. Biar la.. yg penting terus kan kehidupan LOL. Azam 2012 kunun :P

  2. ha ha...I think i saw u too but mcm kita bertentang mata juga tau tu kan..patut la hati sa ckp kan..mcm pernah nampak ja..Is that u? Hi Vera!! Sorry, tidak perasaan bh..ko selalu sana ka pula..bh nanti tegur2 ahh..

    ah vera, sa pun ada kawn tu juga..ko tau kami satu skol juga..kira rapat juga ni but she ignore juga..kalau limpas kan dui inda say hi lagi ni..

    and that y kan kadang2 kalau jumpa kawan lama..malas mau tegur bh..sebab takut ni kunu begitu..n pada masa yang sama sa takut juga durang fkir sa sumbung lau tidak tegur..ermm apa pun kalau sa ..peduli lah urang mcm tu...masing2 hidup bh kan

  3. Huh teruk juga tu perangai macam tu. Bukan kawan tu kalau yang meng'ignore' urang numbur satu. Calm down ya, don't let that incident bother you anymore. :)

  4. i've been into that situation so many times.yg bestnya punyalah saya pi tegur,hi lama tidak nampak kau,..sekali dia buat tidak kenal siap kawan kau kah ni? punya rude dia boleh ckp mcm tu dgn kwn2x dia.since that day,saya tidak tegur lagi kalau org tidak tegur saya dulu.sebab sdh byk kali kena ignore.

  5. Stella and Annie: Ya betul and am ok ody now :)

    Beaty: Yabah, nanti kita bertegur2 if jumpa k hehehe n am not working at damai area but stay around there. Tu kadai tu one of our faves for breakie :)

    Cherrie: I must say ur friend is worst than mine lol but yeap if berkali2 kena better jaga diri sendiri kan? :)