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Friday, January 27, 2012

The KK's Boston

I am not very sure if you guys ever heard about this eatery before.  If not, it is located at the Karamunsing Capital, next to Fatty Chef Cafe and one row with Pappa Rich.  Ring a bell?

When hubby fetched me to go for lunch last Wednesday, I told him I wanna go to Pappa Rich but instead we went to Boston Cafe plus we managed to get parky parko (parking) in front of the cafe.  

Looking at the crowd (full house), we were extra sure to have our lunch there.  The ordering style is just like Old Town Coffee, Ipoh Coffee and Pappa Rich.  Place your order and write using pencil on a paper :)

So, here's what we had:

a) Deep Fried Dumplings as appetiser  - OK and the dumpling skins taste like nachos :)

b) Both hubby and I chose Dry-Fried Beef Tenderloin as our main course 

Frankly speaking, this dish tastes like home cooked one. It doesn't have any special flavor in it.  The menu illustrates it will be super hot dish but actually no, not hot at all and the presentation is.... errr??? hmmm maybe next time shouldn't order this dish

Their service also so - so only, asking for chillies and soy sauce for 4 times, the cashier mixed up our order with other people's order and etc.  I guess that's the perk of opening a shop after CNY kan, everything or everyone is not ready yet LOL!

Anyways, hubby is fine with it and there might be a second visit to this eatery again.  Plus, we haven't try good dish that actually represents this cafe but one thing for sure, it's a good place for meeting up friends; chatting and yamcha.  Give it a try! 


  1. Jac..I did went there once..not sure wanna go there again lah UNLESS ada yang belanja..I ordered nasi lemak special with beef rendang...not what i excpected..definately not like in the pic ( that one exceptable lah )...but ko tau..ndak dah sambalnya..so i say to the waiter.." ini lah pertama kali ku mkn nasi lemak without the sambal..mmg mcm ni ka"..the answer..alaalahh..sorry..sambal baru dimasak..I rest my case..

  2. paling malas sa pigi restoran kalau begini ni..indah kabar dari rupa ni

    sudalah semalam sa sakit hati ni makan bak kut teh RM37 for 2 pax..mahal owh...selalu makan d gaya or lido..tap tu fiance mau makan btl..so ransum ja la

  3. Anonymous (sepa tu ah) hehehe: Owh, dats a bad one, they should counter offer ni and tell you early that the sambal is still cooking

    Beaty: Ui mahal juga tu, which shop?