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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Family Reunion Dinner @ CNY's eve

I always looking forward for a long holiday and over excited about it even though it's two (2) days before? This is one habit that I cannot avoid k :)

Yam Pork
Talking about holidays, this year CNY celebration is unforgettable.  The family reunion, food, laughter and poker games equal to everything and I wanna be part of it through out my years of living!

As usual, we went  to my house earlier to help my mom do the set up.  And lotsa food was served during the family reunion and as mentioned, I did eat two (2) plates of rice k and no judgement here LOL!

My choc cheese cake, gonna bake again this soon

Steamed chicken it's a must for my dad and not to forget my mom's signature dish plus others.  And yeay for me coz my first time baking choc cheese cake was a success and everyone loved it! 

And starting this year, me and hubby giving out angpows to both parents and siblings. To our surprise, my dad and mom also gave us angpows and the quantity? Not bad, can go shopping hahaha, thanks dad and mom!
Before we headed home, we played poker games called kuah merah (to win you have to pair up your cards) and sadly I lost this year huhuhu.  
Anyways, we did enjoy ourselves and our enjoyment is shared with the people we love!  


  1. wah untung besar ni sampai dpt shopping.anyway,tu lauk ba sedaaaaaaaaaaaap betul..nyummy!

  2. Cherrie.Mia: Lol, sdh beli kasut and yg lain put in saving ni and yeap gonna take over from my mom soon :)