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Monday, May 30, 2011

Kaamatan - Aramatii

Wishing you all Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan!!! Aramatii!!!

Am not going to KDCA due to banyak orang dan cuaca yang sangat panasss!!!  Will be at home and enjoying the holidays yeay!!!  BTW,  am sure everyone is waiting anxiously for this year Unduk Ngadau winner and last nite was the Unduk Ngadau Gala Night and congrats to the winners; from left; Miss Natural Beauty - Penampang, centre; Miss Friendly - Kuala Penyu and right; Miss Pink (new award, not sure related to wat) - Putatan.

Picture courtesy of David Chung
Anyways, for tomorrow's result, my bet will be:
1st - Penampang
2nd - Kota Kinabalu
3rd - Keningau
4th - Tuaran
5th - Kuala Penyu
6th - Tambunan
7th - Tanjung Aru

Heh, that's my prediction lah but whatever it is hopefully the winner will be someone with beauty and brain!

Happy holidays peeps!


  1. Miss Friendly from my mom's kg. Miss pink?? hmmm...

  2. Just: Owh, cantik juga dia :) and yeap yg Miss Pink baru punya maybe associate with charity works kin :)

  3. tiada photos itu unduks semua? ^_^

    happy holiday..

  4. Uik... ranau ko teda pilih ka ma Kota Marudu?

  5. CathJ: ada tapi I browse di fb saja, cuba ko pi seach David chg, u can access the pixies tu

    SBC: Hmmm, teda but Ranau cantik owh and top 7 hehehe