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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Break Me Out

By The Rescues. 

I've asked dearest to help me download this song, downloaded and waiting to be transferred into my BB and Tab.  Suddenly, I love this song, the rhythm mostly :) Anyways, it's featured in the Grey's Anatomy - Season 5 - Sweet Surrender (Episode 20).

And our wedding reception is 60 days to go.Period! I can say 70% lah our prep now. I have mix feeling ah; happy, scared, panic and excited.  Waiting for the moment to walk the aisle with my dad, dad to give me to dearest, saying the gracious and sacred vows, seeing the parents, families and friends enjoying the once in a life moment and the life of being a WIFEY!  It will be a long journey for both us BUT we will survive this!  
So, for my wedding receptions, I will let my hair down and adorn with fresh roses :) and similar to the style below:

Isn't it pretty, simple but I like it :)
Can't wait for my Zumba class today yay! and even though am super duper busy, I still have time for my newly born; the Tabber.  It is like my mobile diary now with loads of game kekeke and am one freaky game bride-to-be!

Tab the Tabber


  1. You can download yourself straight from the Tab Vera. From the app.. Later at home I show u la ;)

  2. Tab as in Galaxy Tab???

    You also join the zumba class? U go Friday evening punya kah? Ive been wanting to go myself tapi selalu malas2 pi bis teda kwan bah...

  3. Caneeliea: Ok :)
    Just: For me I like ni, besar screen, byk apps n games hihihi n buli download movies juga
    Chegu Carol: Yeap :), ya just now baru first class, marilah we go dis friday sana likas, punya byk movement dia :)

  4. mesti santik tu ko let ur hair down..:)