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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sempulna Nah Kita

It's been 2 weeks since I have left Sempulna; instead of Semporna, well, when in Rome, dunn ask me why because I, myself also don't know, maybe the local lingua right?

OK, it was my second time travelling to Sempulna and as usual to participate in Regatta Lepa's exhibition.  Can't help cos this is a yearly event and it's compulsory and this year was my turn.  My first impression towards Sempulna is HOT for the weather.  But, BEAUTIFUL for the islands and seafood galore.  Pixies time :)
Our stay for 3 nites 4 days - Dragon Inn Floating Village
I love this place, I mean, your bed is just under the crystal water plus you got to see the fishes! :) But, in the morning, you also can see lotsa rubbish thrown to the sea and terfloating - floating bah! Yucks!  

My sot - sot colleagues, 'peace' with sun burnt faces lol
This is Lepa, a boat and home for some people in Sempulna
Too bad I didn't manage to capture all the good food we ate during our trip, with no rain, hot and windless weather, we ended up thirsty and hungry everyday huhuhu!

Before we went back to KK, it's a must to visit this place below :)

Old fashioned stall with lotsa salted dried seafood products
So, terbeli lah ikan masin and sotong masin and the surrounding smell?, gosh, like that will be my last visit to this market lol!  In terms of price? Very cheap cos this area is the product factory.  One obvious thing that I can share with you all, the mak cik seller won't appreciate if you say 'Terima Kasih' to them (after the bargaining), just go with the flow, I just say 'bah, jalan dulu

Hmmm, a new culture experience in Sempulna but I don't mind visiting here again and this time for sure - island hopping!


  1. ermm... mcm tu tmpt bikin tampat mau dipigi kan.. tp hrp2 one day sia sampai jg sana.. :D

  2. just: hehehe, yabah, mula2 sampai sana, takut ni sbb byk PILs ni but beranikan diri saja lah and it's advisable not to jalan2 keluar alone better with company :)

  3. very nice place.. I never been there yet... itu 'sempulna'.. ^_^... nxt time.. :D

  4. cathj: hehehe, if you have time, should visit here, even though byk PILs but brg2 dia murah owh lol!

  5. Great insight of Sempulna (heard people calling it this way often) and good to know bout the "terima kasih" thing. Macam sedap tu ikan masin oh. So little pics only kah?