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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Super Busy Gurl!

Yeap, the title above refers to ME, lol! 

I am super duper busy these nowadays; mostly about my wedding preparation (my assigned checklist) and my work.  Not dat my other half is not helping me doing the prep, but, he's also getting busier with his piles of work, so to be fair, I need to have better time management.  

Talking about wedding prep, we just finished our pre-wed shoot, last Saturday. OK, at first, I feel excited because of the makeups and hairdos also can strike a pose like model (especially for solo pixies, lol).  But, after some time, backache due to various poses and my high heels, still we can smile and enjoy the day.  Posted several pixies taken by us in FB and thanks for the 'likes' peeps!  Another sneak peek of the day :)

Chinese Maharaja and Permaisuri costumes.  Our most enjoyable session!
And work, work, work, our office big event; Sabah Fest 2011, is coming up soon. This year, we will feature more about Kadazandusun people in Sabah.  As usual, my part is the handicrafts and traditional food exhibition.  Our team need to make sure everything is well decorated at the Magellan's foyer.  Dusssh, crucial moment and I ever worked from 5.00am to 6.30am ni, don't want it to be happened again!!!

BTW, heard many good news from friends; weddings, new born and mommy-to-be! I pray everything will be OK and god bless you all!!!

P/S: It's Palm Sunday today and have a pleasant weekend y'all!!!


  1. wow.. super excited for you on your wedding.. all the best with all the prep.. it's not easy but hey.. once in a life time..

    take care of your self too.. must look great during the big day ya.. ^_^

  2. cathj: thanks darl, kekadang excited then confuse x tau mau kasi siap mana satu hehehe, ok will do!

  3. Busy betul ko ah, bah, palan-palan and don't pressure yourself, nanti '5am to 6.30pm' lagi hehe...

  4. wow..bride to be..ba palan2 jgn kelam kabut kio.. happy for you and prayer for u too.. hope all in smooth condition

  5. wyne: thanks and will do, ya, se tau kerja gitu lagi, allowance pun ckit huhuhu
    stella: thanks stella, i hope so :)