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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The outstation and the wishes

Oh, am gonna miss my holy week and easter church this year due to my outstation working trip to Semporna.  Honestly speaking, am not comfortable to attend this exhibition due to hot weather and worst case the PTIs.  There'll be a lot of them here and I have to be extra alert all the time, palis - palis!!!  The event will be held in Semporna from 22nd - 23rd April is the 18th Regatta Lepa; colorful boats competition and it will take place under the hot sun, duhhh, I hate this part!  Luckily, I bring my Clinique Sun Block :)  

Anyways, I wanna wish in advance a Happy and Blessed Easter! God Bless!
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  1. Happy Easter to you Vera and UINA! Semporna nah ko pigi itu ekeke

  2. Hi! This is a lovely blog :)

  3. wyne: thanks moi, yabah hehehe
    chii: hi too and thanks for visiting! :)