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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Whooops! Delayed Post*** 10 Day YOU Challenge - Day 7: Wants

Hmmm, talking about my wants in my life in this challenge, it will never end. These are wants ok not needs, not necessity and sometimes wants can become needs if you let it!  Aaah well, wants are still wants, if you are capable to get it why not right?

a) Country Kitchen 
I love cooking and baking.  It will be more enjoyable moment if I can have this type/design of kitchen :)

Image courtesy of countryfarm-lifestyles.com
b) Walking Closet 
Waaah, love this!  Perfect place to store my shoes, clothes, accessories and everything! 

Image courtesy of A Southern Belle's Guide
There'll be two (2) dulu for now and I know it's increasing lol but if i can get them (above) lagi bagus kan? :)


  1. i wish to have this too.. erm.. smua pn $$ dlu bah kan.. hihi..

  2. Hi a-Me, thanks for visiting :) yeap, cantik and byk mau guna duit hehehe

  3. sioknya klu dpt tu kan... :D

  4. Just: Yabah... tepa2 m slowly working on it :)

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