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Friday, March 18, 2011

Yummy at 'Funky Town'

Am not sure whether you guys ever heard this eatery.  It is located in Damai, one row with Mr Bread, the bakery.  I remember first time we visited this place, we fell in love with the ambiance, arrangement of decor and not to mention their affordable food.   Better still, we can't resist not to go this place again and enjoy our food.  So, last Wednesday, we went here again for dinner and this time I managed to snap our foodie! Yummy yummy!

Let's start with foodie first...

My fave at the moment: Lamb Chop with rice and salad, thumbs up from me!
Dearest dish: Lemon Chicken with fried rice
Deep Fry Chicken Wings - Ha, this is a must side order for us
Ok, drinks will be not in the pix because I ordered warm sky juice and dearest; a bottle of Heineken :)

Decor part that we loike!

I love how they put this thing, mcm ada pintu saja kan instead of pillar
The look of Funky Town
This mini stage is cute, sometimes there'll be a band entertaining the guests
We were their first customer and after some time, people were coming and occupied this place.  I must say and think we have the 'aura' of inviting people to go in whether to eat or buy things at every place we go, nah, the owners should thank us LOL...

If you are looking for new eating out, try Funky Town, am sure you will not regret! Business hours is from 11.00 am to 12.00 am and closed every Monday and they serve no pork.

Don't forget to visit!

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