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Monday, January 3, 2011


Santa Bear - One of my Christmas Gifts
HHHAAAPPPYYY NEW YEAR 2011 PEEPS! Hope it's not too late for me to wish ya!

Our dinner for New Year's eve
New year to start a new day!  Today at my work place, all of us been asked to do stock check/counting.  I'll guess during this week or maybe this month, there'll be no break day for all the auditors and accountant heh?  The closing stock and financial accounting :) But, wat to do, we need to do our job kan... It's ok, work work juga but rest and leisure also important hehehe

Hope this year and soon to be changed to year of Rabbit, will bring good health, wealth and success to everyone of us!  Bah, banyak celebrations owh dis year including weddings and so on ... Just get ready sajalah ni huhuhu!

Did I say wedding? Hmm, left only 6 months from now...steady saja ah lols


  1. eh macam double wedding ni kamu in the family kan? hehehe

  2. chegu carol: hahaha yabah, jan ko banyak org kahwin owh dis year, drg jacq in june and us in july, byk mau buat ni but x tau mana mau start huhuhu