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Friday, January 14, 2011

Calculation and numbers

Note:  Our office BOD meeting will be next week

This always be the time when I put sour face to my colleagues and be extra quiet!!! It's just simple gestures for them not to interrupt or shall I say jan kacau sia !!!  In our department, am the one who will prepare the financial papers and pass to account department for them to submit to all BOD members before meeting, yelah inilah masanya untuk durang (BOD) tinggu ada keuntungan atau kerugian, prestasi dan kemahuan pekerja. Hopefully, good news will be heard next week! :)

My table and lappy...see the calculator? My nyawa tu :)
Usually, I will be doing the department financial reporting.  This includes, sales from govt. agencies, non govt. agencies, retailers, walk in customers, internal sales and exhibitions.  Well, of course, ada bantuan teknikal iaitu UBS Accounting Software but ours is not thorough enough and here comes the crucial part, I have to manually calculate month by month of the sales especially gifts/hampers plus nagging calls from the senior executive account to bubut the deadline, duhhh... tell me sepa yang nda stress?  

I can say my friendship with numbers is OK and it was super OK when am in primary school and long distance friendship in secondary school and reunited back in UiTM till now.  I learnt my accounting basics when I was in UiTM and continue back in my working world.

Now, am still working hard to get the numbers tally and finish them so I can rest during the weekend and one important thing is I can still update my FB and the games hehehe 

One of my fave games in FB, sempat kan? :)
Have a pleasant and enjoyable weekend peeps!  And baking cakes again tonite :)


  1. hahahaha.... sampat lagi men game...anyway, game apa ko men tu?mcm bersusun2 sj tu? a'way hope that u had an enjoyable weekend and hepi baking... nnt one day sa try ur cake, blhka?

  2. ms d33 b33: mesti tu nanti hangus semua cakes se lol, baking life, masak cake, u shud try dis...thanks and yup2 :)

  3. sampat jg men game! yayyy... btw, my new url : http://just2corner.blogspot.com... pls update! :D

  4. hahaha..sempat lg main game wlupun sibuk.. tp nda apa.. bikin release stress baitu. hehehe!!

  5. i like numbers too! ^__^
    bah palan2 ko vera...ya, mesti mo men game juga bah tu kasi de-stress tu otak sikit2 kan...nanti telampau compressed, susah mau kasi tally. hehehe

  6. sampat jua owh ko kan.... amin FB..bh apa good news tu?? bonus ka??

  7. Just: ya, if not pengsan sia, ok, i changed ody :)
    Stella: tulah, nanti sia gila masuk newspaper tu lol
    Chegu Carol: I know, org finance bah ko ni hehehe, ya tally 85% ody
    Beaty: thanks FB, and ya bonus and bantuan kewangan RM 500.00 sempena CNY hehehe

  8. Haha.. Siok juga tu kerja sambil FBing. Bikin release tension ba kan ^_^ Have a nice weekend!

  9. annie: ya, mcm x dpt dipisahkan sdh me and fb huahuahua and thanks!