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Monday, November 8, 2010

The HOLI & MON ~ days

Hola people!
Last week's holidays was a resting, baking and shopping time for me.  Baking cakes, resting and spending time wif my family and we even went to 1B jalan2 woohoo!!! 

Okay, picture time :)

a) Holiday's cake ~ Purple theme

Choc Super Moist Cake - Baked 2 sets of this cake and client requested PURPLE flowers
Hahaha ada extra decor juga mcm bunga2 abstrak bah tu
SpiderWeb Butter Cake with butter frosting
b) Sunday's Project

Uinah, ter ' kobihis' I saw AnnieMing punya Hinava, and lucky for me dat Saturday my dad bought ikan tenggiri, ikan merah and udang.  So I went to Tamu Tanjung Aru on Sunday to buy lime and bitter gourd (bird chillies and onion ada stock di rumah)

The Fish and Prawn
Tadaaa: My first attempt in making hinava and notice my chicky wings hehehe
I think I did well in my hinava and the family loves it very much !!! (managed to reserve some for deary) :)

And, when I came to office dis morning, someone put this little cute gift on my table...baca dan tinggu belated gift pula from my colleague, thanks Rosmah!!!
Cute box
Earrings - she knows my fav color hehehe
So, how's your HOLI and MON day? Hope everything went/goes well!

Till then, me chow chow!!! Have a nice lunch ya!

P/S: Yeyeye deary is on the way home now... can't wait to see him :)


  1. i like the box for the earring.. ;p happy belated buffday aa.. :D

  2. ooh that hinava looks goooooooood!!

  3. just: yeap and the wrapping paper, nice...thanks ya!
    Jacq: yabah,everyone at home makan 2 kali hehehe!

  4. Itu hinava tasted very good with the prawn kan? ;-D Hehe.. It's good to hear you family loike it very much!

  5. Waaaa.... Nice.
    Saya pun macam mau try buat Hinava tengok ni gambar.

    PS: Happy belated birthday. Sorry, teda gift. hehehehe....

  6. annie: ya, sedap ni...baru first time se nmpk campur dgn udang but best! hehehe, thanks for the sharing
    zezebel: try lah hehehe and ok no problem, se tunggu next year ah hehehe

  7. Next year saya teda di Sabah sudah tu.
    Hehehehehe.... JK ja....