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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Cake Story: Yeay! Cake orders

Hola peeps!  It's Friday and tomorrow is weekends... YEYYY!!! and soon end of the year WAAA!

Nothing much to share just some cakes pix that I baked till midnight last nite huhuhu but I enjoiced it anyways aha...Baked 2 cakes of rich butter for my colleague's hubby and neighbour.  For this orders, I did hand-whisk all the time except the butter cream frosting.  The cakes turns out very fragrant, moist texture and full with butter taste, yum yum... Deary helped preparing the creamy butter frosting, thanks dear :*

Ok, pix momento :)

Rich Butter Cake with colorful bit - bit and yellowish edible flowers
Rich butter with swirl-look choc
Suprisingly, every orders that I get, will be the same type of cakes lols! But, this cake is one of the most ordered cakes other than choc moist and fruit cake (mcm christmas punya tu).  Gonna learn how to do home made fondant before end of this year, hopefully jadi hehehe!

Till then me chow chow and yey movie date tonite ~ si Harry Porter bah tu!!!

P/S: Alah I missed again  Wordless Wednesday Zezebel  hmm...next week lah, try my luck :)


  1. wahhhh doing good with your cake baking vera. i'd love to order from u tapi knowing my mom in law, every christmas they have this 'permanent' cake baker she likes to go for christmas cakes and cookies. next time la kio.

  2. hey kay, thanks...m still at learning stage...ok no problem bah hehehe