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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jalan - Jalan at Gaya Street

Last Sunday's activity - Gaya Street - jalan - jalan cuci mata.  I counted, for this year, I went to this street twice only huhuhu... So we went to pick up my mum then headed straight to KK.  Managed to find parking at the side of Little Italy (after 3 rounds of merry-go-round).  Had breakfast at Peppermint - Taste of Vietnam (ok -ok saja the food).  It was a sunny day and as usual the street is packed with many kind of people with various of smells (yucckkk to the smelly armpits lols)

Along the way, I only eyeing for bags and bags hehehe.  Then, we stopped at our fave place.  Where? Refer to the pix below:
Yeah...Pet's section
Doggie: American Crocker Spaniel - RM 2,500.00 - So cute!!!
Doggie: Pure German Shepherd - RM 2,000.00 - Hmm, jahat kah ni ah?
Doggie: Miniature English Terrier - RM 580.00 (macam murah ni harga hehehe)
Doggies: Mix macam - macam ada - RM 50.00
Cats - but I didn't check the price :)
Another stall ~
Doggie: Looks like our Tabitha but little fur, Rottie - RM 180.00
Basically, we only stopped at this kind of stalls.  Stalls selling imitation or fashionable bags buli - bulilah hehehe...Maybe new stocks haven't arrived yet except for food, beverages, fruits, vege, plants and many more.  Even though, I'm not a Gaya Street die hard fan but I do notice on their list products and services they offer/sell here plus it's one of Sabah's infamous and unique streets kan? My bet is YESSS!!!

So guys, apalagi this upcoming Sunday - Jom Gaya Street!!! :)

P/S I Love You: Happy Anniversary to US today...me likey!


  1. wah! punya cute all the pups!... ;p

  2. Hi Missy,

    Thanks for dropping by, yesss memang cute ni and lotsa people surrounded this stall. Can jalan2 dis Sunday, located in front of Hong Leong Bank

  3. Kiut kan tu anjing..tp sian pula sya tingu huhuhu

  4. tebelimpas saja kali kita on sunday tu vera. i was there too, pigi cari tangkong.

    anyways, those puppies yg kena jual mmg cte but kesian sa tingu yg tu mongrel kena himpit2 dlm tu cage. stress durang tu.

  5. stella: ya, bcos they are for sale
    chegu carol: ya, terlimpas lah tu kita hehehe...all the puppies kena sedate tulah kuai2 and stress like u sed, when we bought tabby, after 2 days baru she becomes herself, kuat ni sedate drg